Substrate for transplants

Substrate for transplants

Special substrate for all types of transplantation.

Alter observing and analysing all the available substrates on the market, Turbas GF noticed a gap in the market for a substrate which until now had been missing something the public needed for their plants (a substrate for transplant), because one of the things the customer will always need to do with their flowerbeds: transplant.

This substrate consists of blond and black peat, and is enriched with Humus and stimulants to promote strong roots and plenty of flowers.


  • 50 litre bag:

    54 Units Pallet

Analytical Data:

  • Organic matter:

  • PH:

    5 - 6
  • Conductivity:

    196 us/cm
  • Bulk density:

    220 - 240 kg/m3
  • N:

    200 mgr/L
  • P:

    250 mgr/L
  • K:

    280 mgr/L

Added Fertilisers:

  • N:

    210 mgr./L.
  • P:

    240 mgr./L
  • K:

    270 mgr./L.

Plus all necessary microelements.