Decorative pine bark

Decorative pine bark

Natural and ecological weed-killer

The use of decorative pine bark in gardening becomes more and more established in the advanced countries of the European Community.

It is used by those garden centers that want to distinguish themselves and differentiate from traditional lawn.

The technical advantages of decorative pine bark can be summarized: it prevents the appearance of grass, in summer it retains humidity, protecting the roots against the direct action of sun, acts as pH-corrector for the soil (contributing acidity), in winter, it protects the roots against cold preventing them to freeze and decomposition of bark forms an organic contribution. This product is available as well in bulk as packaged.


  • 60 litre bag:

    39 Units Pallet

3 bark diameters:

  • 0/10mm:

  • 10/25mm:

  • 25/40mm:

Analytical Data:

  • PH:

    3,5 - 4,0

Added Fertilisers:

  • N:

    0 mgr./L.

  • P:

    0 mgr./L

  • K:

    0 mgr./L.