Acid Substrates

Acid Substrates

Special substrate for acidophilic plants

Substrate with an acid ph suitable for plants such as azaleas, camellias, gardenias, hydrangeas, etc. Its formulation allows a good aeration and retention of water easily available for the plant, as well as a high retention of nutrients that will result in a greater flowering of these. It contains fertiliser to ensure nutrition and root activator for total success in transplanting and immediate development.


  • 20 litre bag:

    132 Units Pallet

  • 50 litre bag:

    54 Units Pallet

Analytical Data:

  • pH (CaCl2):

    4,0 - 4,5
  • pH (H2O):

    4,5 - 5,0

Added Fertilisers:

  • N:

    210 mgr./L.
  • P:

    240 mgr./L
  • K:

    270 mgr./L.

Plus all the necessary trace elements. Iron is supplied in chelated form.

Acid Substrates