Seedlings and cuttings

Seedlings and cuttings

Special substrate for 100% germination

Organic material from raised bogs formed mainly by mosses of the genus Sphagnum. This peat is specially prepared due to its granulometry and fertilisation for seedbeds of all types of plants: vegetables, ornamentals, reproduction of cuttings, etc. The extremely fine granulometry allows a perfect filling of the trays, the perlite provides the necessary aeration and drainage for the cultivation and it is fertilised with micronutrients, the perfect food for a perfect germination.


  • 80 litre bag:

    39 Units Pallet

Analytical Data:

  • Dry bulk density:

  • Organic matter on dry matter:

  • Electrical conductivity:

    200 us/cm
  • PH:

  • Quantity in volume:

    80 L

The content of heavy materials is lower than the limits authorised by R.D. 865/2010 for horticultural products (Class A).