Photo Hummus

Organic humus

Organic humus, natural fertiliser for the land

Our Organic Humus is a natural organic amendment rich in humic and fulvic acids. Our Organic Humus is composed of selected cattle and horse manures, composted in a controlled atmosphere. It also contains leonardite to increase the content of humic and fulvic acids, thus providing a high quality compost. G.F. Organic Peat Humus is specially manufactured for any type of crop, vineyards, orchards, fruit trees, etc.


  • 50 litre bag:

    54 Units Pallet

Analytical Data:

  • Total nitrogen (N):

    2,3 % SMS

  • Phosphorus (P):

    18,4 % mgr/l

  • Potassium (K):

    24,4% mgr/l

  • Organic matter:


  • Humic extracts:


  • Humic acids:


  • Fulvic acids:


  • Humidity:


  • PH:

    5 - 6

Plus all the necessary trace elements. Iron is supplied in chelated form.