Special substrate topsoil

This substrate with extra fine grading, is prepared specially for sport fields, football grounds, golf courses, etc. Its mission is the improvement of the soil surface in the preparation of lawn, protecting the seed germination and the development of the first buds of grass, as well as the acceleration of these processes, in this way producing a denser grass field.


  • 50 litre bag:

    54 Units Pallet

Analytical Data:

  • PH (CaCI2):

    6,0 - 6,5

  • PH (H20):

    6,5 - 7,0

Fertilisers added:

  • N:

    15 mgr/L

  • P:

    18 mgr/L

  • K:

    25 mgr/L

Plus all the necessary trace elements. Iron is supplied in chelated form.