Universal G.F. Substrate

· special forest production · 

Turbas Granja Fátima produves special universal substrate for forest production, with the idea that the mixing work is done fore professional, to improve the substrate adjusting the pH and distributing fertilizers homogenously.

The modern industrial substrates provide this guarantee and security because of the applied mixing techniques.

The Univesal G.F. substrate is a mixture with different degrees of composition of peat from vegetal fibers and well-composted barks.

The universal substrate that Turbas Granja Fátima produces incorporates the necessary mineral fertilizers that plants need for the first month of cultivation; afterwards the professional has to add the fertilizer he normally uses.

The substrate is sold in the following quantities: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 70 litres.


Datos analíticos
Fertilizantes añadidos
pH (CaCl2): 5,0 - 5,5
pH (H2O): 6,0 - 6,5

N - 210 mgr./ L.
P - 240 mgr./ L.
K - 270 mgr./ L.
Más todos los microelementos.
El hierro se aporta en forma de quelato.


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