MANTILLO G.F is an animal and plant product in a fine granular form which eases distribution and mixing; it works well with substrates or with soil, and can be used in all types of cultivation: gardening, fruit-bearing and general agriculture.


MANTILLO G.F is completely natural, composted and stable with high contents of organic material, humic acids, calcium and microelements; consequently once it has been applied it immediately gets to work so that the plants do not compete for nitrogen in the ground, improving the lack of oxygen in the roots and avoiding anaerobic fermentations in the rhizosphere.


The composting, manipulation and production control process is carried out ensuring that MANTILLO G.F does not contain weeds.



  • Sports fields (grass): spread a thin layer on the ground, mix with the soil, smooth out the ground and cover the seeds with another thin layer (about 8 times the thickness of the seed)
  • Garden: apply a generous layer and mix with the soil, smooth down and begin planting.
  • Vegetable gardens: apply a layer to the vegetable garden, smooth over and the ground is ready for planting.
  • Orchards and vineyards: deposit around the trunk and cover with soil wherever possible.





  • Vegetable gardens: 7/8 litres or 3/4 kg per m²
  • Orchard: 3/4 litres or 1/2 kg per tree
  • Vineyard: 3/4 litres or 1/2 kg per tree
  • Gardens: 4/5 litres or 2/3 kg per m²
  • Lawn: 8/10 litres or 4/5 kg per m²
  • Grain field: 1500/2000 kg per hectare
  • Irrigated land: 2000/3000 kg per hectare



Organic material: 90%

Total nitrogen (N): 2.0%

Organic nitrogen: 1.8%

Phosphorous pentoxide (P205): 4.0%

Potassium oxide (K2O): 4.0%

Magnesium oxide (Mg): 1.8%

Total sulphur (SO3): 2.4%

Humic extract: 16%

PH: 6