Liquid Fertilizer

fertilizante liquido

Liquid fertilizer Universal for all types of plants, grown both inside and outside.

In addition to N, P, K, it contributes to the root revitalization and roots strengthening, and it stimulates the growth and flowering of our plants.

It adds microelements to correct deficiencies and protect the plants against environmental stress.

Datos analíticos
N - 5 mgr./ L.
P - 5 mgr./ L.
K - 5 mgr./ L.
Con oligoelementos

fertilizante liquido2

Fertilizer prepared for flower plants. It adds trace elements to protect the plants against the stress produced by forced growth and rooting. It simulates the metabolism of the plants.

This fertilizer is particularly recommended for geraniums, petunias, etc. These require substrates that are very fertile with specific fertilizers.

Datos analíticos
N - 6 mgr./ L.
P - 6 mgr./ L.
K - 6 mgr./ L.
Con oligoelementos


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