Ecological Substrat

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The Ecological Substrate Fatima is especially suitable for the cultivation of horticultural plants in trays or cells. Both the composition and the fertilizer, purely organic, allow the growth of the seedlings without extra input of nutrients.

The mix of nutrients from organic origin covers the needs of plants from germination to the time of transplantation. This substrate meets the standards of organic farming associations.

Mixture of Red Peat, Black Peat of Coco Fibers and perlite.

Available in bags of 20 L, coats of 50 L, jumbo-bags of 2 m3 and bulk.



Características al envasar
Materia orgánica: 74,5
PH: 5 - 7
Conductividad: 134 vs / cm
Densidad aparente: 220 - 250 kg / m3
Enriquecido con nutrientes totalmente orgánicos y ecológicos.

Disponible en diferentes presentaciones: embasados de 20 y 50 L, sacas de e 2 m3 y a granel.


"siempre mirando por su salud y la de las plantas"