Eco Can substrate

sustrato cannabis

Alter years of studying, Turbas Granja Fátima has decided to create and sell an ECO-CAN substrate to put an end to the problems growers had of finding a substrate capable of fulfilling the entire cultivation process.


This substrate consists of black and blond peat, coco fibre and perlites in a combination of large, medium and fine fibres in order to create the ideal porosity, aeration and water retention for this type of planting.


The nutrients we include in ECO-CAN substrate are completely natural and ecological (guano and marine algae) and will strengthen the balance between rooting, growth and flowering in cultivation.


"the answer"




Organic material: 68%        

PH: 5.8-6.8

Density: 220-250 kg/m3

Humidity: 40%

Conductivity: 385 us/cm

Total nitrogen (N): 75 mg/l

Phosphorus (P): 84 mg/l

Potassium (K): 92 mg/l

Magnesium (Mg): 70.6 mg/l

Chloride (Cl): 120 mg/l

Sulphate (SO4): 36.5 mg/l

Sodium (Na): 10.3 mg/l

Calcium (Ca): 116 mg/l