· substrat for exterior plants ·

The vegetal substrate is a mixture of properly balanced peat and fertilizers in order to obtain a high degree of germination, rooting and healthy homogenous growth.

This substrate is free of pathogenic germs and weed seeds. It is specially indicated for exterior plants.

The pH is between 6 an 7. The substrate is commercialized in the following forms: bags of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 70 L.

The design and size of the bags is especially suitable for its commercialization in flowers shops, garden centers and super markets.

This substrate is also available in bulk.


Datos analíticos
Fertilizantes añadidos
pH (CaCl2): 6,0 - 6,5
pH (H2O): 6,5 - 7,0

N - 15 mgr./ L.
P - 18 mgr./ L.
K - 25 mgr./ L.
Más todos los microelementos.
El hierro se aporta en forma de quelato.


"dale calidad de vida a tus plantas"